Earth and Resource System

Even though the world is transforming into information-intensive society, the traditional problems related to ‘the earth and resources’, such as shortage of natural resources and energy, global environmental pollution and natural disasters, are getting extremely serious. Engineering geology is, therefore, playing a major role, as a tool to solve such various problems related to the earth and resources facing human beings.

Our laboratory of Earth and Resource System is conducting research on various issues: exploration / development of natural resources, understanding of earthquake occurrence, conservation of the global environment, disaster prevention and civil engineering.


Nov. 2022
Haruto Sugamoto received the best student presentation award at the 2022 annual meeting of the geothermal research society of Japan(photo)!

Nov. 2022
Research by Weiren Lin et al., “Three-dimensional stress state above and below the plate boundary fault after the 2011 Mw 9.0 Tohoku earthquake”, has been published in Earth and Planetary Science Letters(!

Oct. 2022
Research by Kazuya Ishitsuka et al., “Calculation of P-Wave Velocity in Sandstones with Different Pore Size Distributions Using Digital Rock Model without Segmentation”, has been published in Materials Transactions(

Sep. 2022
Research by Nazir Mafakheri Bashmagh et al., “Magnitudes and Orientations of Present-Day In-Situ Stresses in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq: Insights into combined strike-slip and reverse faulting stress regimes”, has been published in Journal of Asian Earth Science(!

Jul. 2022
Our research has been introduced in Kyoto University official website(!

Jun. 2022
Research by Yutaro Shigemitsu et al. has been published in Engineering Geology!

Apr. 2022
Research by Susumu Shibutani has been published in Engineering Geology(!

June. 2021
Research by our researcher Nana Kamiya introduced in Kyoto University official website(!

Feb. 2021
Doctor, Master and graduation research defense(photo) has done!

Jan. 2021
Research by our researcher Nana Kamiya has been published in “Katsura no Niwa”(!

Sep. 2020
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